Board Members

The Board of Directors retains the Credit Union President who is the Chief Executive Officer and is responsible for managing the Credit Union’s operations. The Board of Directors is legally responsible by statute, Articles of Incorporation, and Bylaws for overall direction of the affairs and the performance of Qualstar. They carry out this responsibility by establishing guiding policy and monitoring the performance of management within the framework of these policies. The Board meets monthly to carry out its duties. Additionally, standing committees comprised of Board Members meet regularly to support the formulation and monitoring of board policy.

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    Eugene Via, Director

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    Russ De Wolfe, Director & Audit Committee Chair

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    Leanne Califano, Associate Board Member

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    Gary Powers, Associate Board Member

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    Doug Scott, Associate Board Member

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    Jermaine Smiley, Associate Board Member & Audit Committee Member

Emeritus Board Members

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    Ed Streuli, Emeritus

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    Frank Latawiec, Emeritus