Standing Committees

Following is a list of the standing committees board members serve on during their term:

  • Board Governance Committee: The Board Governance Committee’s primary responsibilities include recruitment of volunteers, oversight of the volunteer nomination and election processes, and management of the annual board self-review process.
  • Employee Compensation Review Committee (ECRC): The Employee Compensation Review Committee’s primary responsibilities include management of the CEO compensation package to include salary, benefits, retirement, and incentive program.
  • Finance Committee: The Finance Committee is responsible for the oversight of the investment activities of the credit union including the defined benefit and 401k plans.

Audit Committee

Member-volunteers are also elected to serve on the three-person Audit Committee. This committee meets periodically with management and internal and external auditors to review the quality of financial reporting, compliance with internal accounting controls, and the nature, extent, timing and results of audits and examinations. In addition, they recommend the selection of an independent certified public accounting firm, which is retained to audit the financial statements of the Credit Union in accordance with generally accepted auditing standards.

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    Russ De Wolfe, Director & Audit Committee Chair

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    Mike Nuebel, Board Director & Audit Committee Vice Chair

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    Jermaine Smiley, Associate Board Member & Audit Committee Member