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The Qualstar Community is YOUR Community

It’s all about community – a group of people having common interests; a group of people who might not all know each other or have all the same beliefs, but in a lot of small ways can do a whole lot to help out.

Giving. Why? And of course…who, what, when and how.

Why? We all give to others for various reasons…because we believe in a cause; because we want to make a difference; because we have a vested interest; because it makes us feel good; because it gives us perspective; because we feel like we should; because we may find ourselves in the same position of needing help someday; and sometimes – just because.

As your credit union, we have given to various organizations and causes over the years on behalf of our members – for all of those reasons listed above. The decision of who, what, when, and how has always been something we take very seriously. And, because our goal is to make a large impact on who we choose, we only work with one charitable partner each year.

Boys and Girls Club

Who? Once again, this year, we are proud to partner with local Boys and Girls Clubs to help their commitment to enriching the lives of kids and their families in the communities we serve. Most of us were either a “club kid” or maybe even have one of our own now, and because they continue to enrich so many lives in our communities, the Boys and Girls Club organization is a worthy recipient of our charitable efforts throughout the year.

Boys & Girls Club Association “Quick Facts”1

  • 13,759 Average Daily Attendance
  • 76,655 Total Youth Served
  • 27% Single Parent Households
  • 21 Washington counties
  • 138 sites
  • 6,943 Volunteers
  • 2.3 M Healthy Snacks or Meals Served
  • 100% of WA Club of highly engaged Club youth say: “I stand up for what is right, even if my friends disagree.”
  • 80% Perform Better in School – of highly engaged Club youth earn mostly A’s & B’s in school
  • 86% of Alumni say the Club helped them graduate from high school

For every $1 SPENT Washington Clubs Generate $12.30 OF POSITIVE ECONOMIC IMPACTS in their local community.

What, when and how? All of our charitable efforts and funds raised throughout the year will benefit local Boys & Girls Clubs. Be on the lookout for campaigns dedicated to raising money for local Boys and Girls Clubs, including Youth Financial Literacy Month in April and other fundraising and volunteer efforts throughout the year – we’ll post information here and on Facebook when there are opportunities for our staff and members to participate!

1 2018 association statistics

Vacation Discounts Benefit the Children’s Miracle Network

Get Away Today is one of the top providers of discount vacations and Qualstar members qualify for this benefit, just by having an account with us. Visit and book your vacation on the Get Away Today site and a portion of every package is donated to the Children’s Miracle Network through the Credit Unions for Kids program!