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Mobile Banking

Your Qualstar account just got even easier to manage…

You can now access your account anywhere, anytime right from your cell phone – review transactions, deposit checks, manage your Qualstar Visa cards (activate, freeze, block, re-order and schedule travel), make auto, Visa, and mortgage loan payments, use Bill Payer 1, transfer within and between accounts, and more! Here’s what you will need to get started:

Before you can start using Mobile Banking, if you haven’t already, you will need to sign up for Home Banking first (also available on our home page.) Simply follow the instructions, answer a few questions and you’ll have immediate access to your accounts online. You can then start using Mobile Banking right away after that!

Any web-enabled cell phone can access Qualstar Mobile Banking.
We also have iPhone and Android apps!

Mobile Banking iTunes icon Get the iPhone/iPad or Android App!

Service Plan

You will need a Data Service Plan with Internet access from your cell phone carrier. This is also a good time to check on the fees your carrier will charge you for data services. If you already receive e-mail on your phone, you probably have the required service.

Or, Access Mobile Banking with other Web-Enabled Phones

Using your cell phone’s browser, go to Depending on your phone, you will either be prompted to install an application or the site will open right on your phone’s browser. For more information, please refer to our detailed user guides.


Our Mobile Banking system uses multi-factor authentication for user verification and SSL encryption to ensure data transfers are secure. You will use the same username and password for Mobile Banking that you use for Home Banking.

Mobile/Remote Deposit

No time to come to a branch to deposit that check? It’s not a problem with Mobile/Remote Deposit!

It may not be often that you have a check to deposit, so when you do we want to make it as simple as possible…why not deposit that check electronically from the comfort of wherever you are? With Mobile/Remote Deposit, it’s as simple as logging in to Home Banking or Mobile Banking.

What is Mobile/Remote Deposit?

Mobile/Remote Deposit is a secure service offered by Qualstar Credit Union that allows you to electronically deposit checks to your Qualstar account:

  • Mobile Deposit allows you to use your iPhone or Android mobile device to take a picture of the check and make deposits.
  • Remote Deposit allows you to use your scanner and computer to scan and deposit checks through Home Banking.

Mobile/Remote Deposit FAQ
Mobile/Remote Deposit Troubleshooting Guide

Preparing Your Check:

  • Endorse the back and write “Mobile Deposit”
  • Include the account # you are depositing it to and the current date

Use Mobile Deposit with your iPhone/iPad or Android device:

  1. Go to your iPhone/iPad or Android Mobile Banking APP
  2. Choose the account you want to make the deposit to
  3. Enter the correct amount of the check
  4. Click the front image icon to capture the front of the check1
  5. Submit the front check image
  6. Click the back image icon to capture the back of the check (with your endorsement, to include “Mobile Deposit”)1
  7. Submit the back check image
  8. Click submit again, and you’re done!

Don’t have an iPhone or Android? That’s OK!

  1. Go to on your device’s browser
  2. Log-in to your account (with your usual Home Banking)
  3. Follow the instructions from #2 above

How will Mobile/Remote deposits be applied?

A minimum of $200 will be made available immediately; your available amount will be displayed on the screen when you make your deposit. The remaining funds will be released per our standard funds availability policy. The maximum daily deposit limit is $10,000 – the rolling 30-day deposit limit is $30,000.

1 Be sure to align the image to make sure you get 4 green corners – otherwise, your image may be rejected.

Home Banking with Bill Payer, Check Deposit & Personal Finance Management with “My Finance”

  • Sign-up for Home Banking and manage your account from any computer and most cell phones anytime, anywhere – every day of the week.
  • Mobile Banking is accessible once you sign up for Home Banking – iPhone and Android apps are available
  • Bill Payer is a safe and convenient option to pay unlimited bills each month with NO FEES (same day payments are available for some payees)1
  • Deposit checks electronically by uploading images from your scanner or digital camera with Remote Deposit
  • Sync your other accounts, loans, credit cards, retirement and investments with “My Finance” and keep tabs on your overall financial situation in one place – set goals, plan for financial wants and needs, and create alerts to stay on track
  • Send funds TO AND FROM your Qualstar account and make your Qualstar loan payments by setting up “Other Bank/Credit Union Transfers” (account requirements and approval apply – call us to request this service)
  • Create eAlerts to receive text and/or e-mail notifications for incorrect log-ins, password changes, transactions (over/under a certain amount), deposits, balances, and overdrafts
  • The Self Service section gives you the ability to do more on your own – apply for a loan or a mortgage, obtain direct deposit information, calculate a loan payoff, customize your account listings, and more
  • Sign up for eStatements to reduce the amount of mail you receive from us
  • Enhanced security gives you peace of mind and keeps your financial information safe

Members must be age 13 and above to access Home Banking and eStatements.

1 A checking account is required for Bill Payer access.

Personal Finance Management with “My Finance”

Sync ALL of your accounts, loans and credit cards into one place with “My Finance” in Home Banking!

If you are a Home Banking user, you instantly have access to My Finance and all the features that come along with it:

  • Manage your entire financial situation in one place with access to over 15,000 financial institutions and finance companies
  • Track your spending and saving
  • Create and manage your financial goals
  • Set budgets and spending limits
  • Create Alerts to be notified via text/email for balance changes, payments due, goals reached, specific transactions by amount or merchant, and more

Simply log-in to Home Banking and click on “My Finance” to get started – no additional log-ins are needed! Coming soon to Mobile Banking!

Intuit Quicken1

Download, review, and archive your Qualstar account information and transactions with Intuit’s Quicken!

Using Qualstar’s OFX Server, you can conveniently and securely download transaction and account information to your computer.

(Please Note: Intuit is no longer supporting the 2010 version of Quicken Windows software – after April 30, 2013, access to online services for this version will be discontinued.)

Are you currently receiving an “OL-304-A” error? Click HERE

Quicken FAQ
Quicken Troubleshooting
Quicken Support

If you currently use Quicken via Web Connect (previously listed as “Qualstar CU,” you will need to convert to Direct Connect – please refer to the Direct Connect Conversion Guides:
2007-2009 Windows Intuit Direct Connect Conversion Guide
2005-2007 Mac Intuit Direct Connect Conversion Guide

Qualstar is also available on Mint1

Simply sign in (or sign up) on Mint and use your Qualstar Home Banking login/password to download your account info, and track your finances!

1 After February 7, 2012 when our new Home Banking system is implemented, Intuit will be updating the information on their end to continue your access. If you are having trouble connecting after Feb. 7th, you can change the Home Banking URL manually in the program you are using to