You have an account…your spouse has an account…your 2 kids have accounts…maybe you also have a Visa card and a mortgage…

That adds up to SIX statements a month, which adds up to 72 mailed statements a year that need to be grabbed from the mailbox, opened, filed, or shredded!

Looking for freedom from your mail stack?

eStatements are here to help!

New Online Services users are automatically subscribed to receive eStatements.1
Once you sign-up, you’ll have access to any regular statements you normally receive from us, from within Mobile (device) or Home (desktop) Banking. You will also receive some other account notifications and marketing information via e-mail. Current eStatements include:

  • Account Statements – monthly and quarterly
  • Visa® Statements – monthly
  • Mortgage Statements – monthly (if your mortgage loan is with Qualstar)
  • Equity Statements (does not include Advantage or Total Equity loans)
  • Tax Documents – annually

1 Pop-up blockers must be disabled to view eStatements.

eStatement Subscription Instructions:

  • Log in via Mobile or Home Banking 2 and click on “eStatements” in the main menu
  • Choose “Subscribe”
  • You will receive an e-mail when your eStatements are available
  • Log-in to your account and choose eStatements from the menu to view any time!

If you’re not already a user of Online Services simply download our iPhone or Android Mobile Banking app and choose “Enroll Here” or sign-up

Members must be age 13 and above to access Online Services and eStatements.

2 Carrier data and messaging rates may apply.