NEW Online Services Coming in 2020!

Providing our members with a convenient way to manage their accounts online has been a priority for us since we first offered Home Banking back in 1998, and then our Mobile Banking app in 2012. Since then we have added features and updates to make sure you have access to the tools you need.

We are excited to announce some changes coming to our Mobile and Home Banking services that will make using your Qualstar account even more convenient!

Information and updates will be posted here as we have it available, so be sure to keep checking back. We will also let you know as additional information and details are available, via other communication channels.

Q: Will the ability to sign-up for our current online services be “turned off” at some point, before Feb. 4th?
A: YES, as of January 30th new users will not be able to register for online services. You will be able to enroll as a new user on February 11th. We are transitioning our existing Online Service users to our NEW Mobile and Home Banking platforms, and will be providing the ability for new users to register after existing users are migrated to the new system.

Q: Will Mobile and Home Banking be unavailable in the hours leading up to going live on Feb. 4th?
A: YES, similar to a scheduled maintenance downtime, online services will be unavailable starting in the very early hours of Feb. 4th until we confirm all services are working properly.

Q: What will happen the first time I log-in on February 4th?
A: Android users will need to delete the old app, and install the new app; iPhone users will have their existing app updated automatically (if they have it set to auto-update) or they will simply need to manually update their app.

When users access either platform on or after Feb. 4th, since the mobile device or computer is considered “new,” a verification code will be prompted which will be sent via email or text (using the contact info. on the account being accessed.) The code will be entered prior to getting access to accounts online. Please Note: This verification code will be needed any time a user accesses an account from a new device or computer.

Q: What will happen if I’m not sure I am are signed up for online services, and then try to log-in.
A: With everything needing a username and password these days, it’s very easy to forget if a particular service has been registered for. In addition, the reality of using online services includes the potential for fraudulent activity if scammers attempt to enter random credentials to get access to anyone’s account. Therefore, if a user is not sure if enrollment for Mobile and Home Banking was previously done, and an incorrect username is entered, the system will “act” like it’s going to allow a log-in and display incorrect info. to receive a verification code. There will be a link on that same screen that asks, “Is this information incorrect?” which will prompt the user to create a log-in.

Q: Will my username and password change when the new service is LIVE in February 2020?
A: As long as you have logged in within 6 months of the conversion date in February 2020 (date to be announced in January), you will be able to log-in with your existing username and password. The only exception to this is if your password doesn’t meet the security requirements of the new service, which will prompt you to change your password the first time you log-in.

Q: What if I don’t remember my password after the new service goes live?
A: As long as you have logged in within 6 months of our go live date in February 2020 (date to be announced in January) you can use the “Forgot Password” feature in either Mobile or Home Banking to do a password reset.

Q: What will happen if someone is not already an Online Services user OR hasn’t logged in the past six (6) months?
A: Enrollment for Qualstar Online services is SO easy – members can simply download the Mobile Banking app and choose “Enroll Here” from the log-in screen; the user will be prompted to enter account and personal information (must match the primary member’s info. on the account being registered) and enter a verification code (received via text or email.) Once that is complete, the user will have instant access to the account from a mobile device AND desktop/laptop computer. Members can also follow these steps to sign-up via our website, in the Home Banking log-in area (upper left corner.)

Q: Will there be new username and password requirements?
A: Yes, there will be a slight change to how a username and passwords will be formatted, as follows:

NEW Username Requirements:
• Must be unique (cannot match another account)
• Cannot start with a number
• At least 8 characters in length / max. 20 characters
• Any combination of uppercase/lowercase letters, numbers
• Cannot match any of the previous 3 usernames

NEW Password Requirements:
The username cannot be included in the password (e.g. username is Test123 and password is Test1234!)
• At least 8 characters in length / max. 20 characters
• At least two (2) alphabetic characters
• At least two (2) numeric characters
• At least one (1) special character: ~ @ # $ % ^ & * + = ’ | { } : ; ! . ? ( ) [ ] -
• Cannot match any of the previous 3 passwords

Q: What if I don’t remember my username after the new service goes live?
A: As long as you have logged in within 6 months of our go live date in February 2020 (date to be announced in January) you can use the NEW “Forgot Username” feature in either Mobile or Home Banking to reset your username.

Q: What if I had not logged in the 6 months prior to February 2020?
A: You will be considered a new user and will complete the simple enrollment process on either Mobile or (desktop) Home Banking. Follow the steps, including receiving a verification code via text or email, and you will have immediate access. An email address is required on the account you are enrolling – if you have not added your email address to your account(s), please contact us or visit a branch.

Q: What services will I have access to in the new Mobile and Home Banking?
A: All of these same services will be available in both platforms, with the exception of Check Deposit, which will only be available in Mobile Banking:

  • Transaction history and account balances
  • Transfer funds between savings, checking and linked accounts
  • View loan details and make payments
  • Deposit checks via photo capture (mobile only)
  • Pay bills (all payees from our old service will be available in the new one)
  • View eStatements (account, Visa, mortgage, equity & tax)
  • Apply for auto, personal and Visa credit card loans
  • Manage debit/check and credit cards – freeze, block with or without re-order, schedule travel and activate – will also be available on your PC/desktop!
  • Create, track and manage budgets and spending – if you currently have goals or budgets set-up in our existing desktop and/or mobile platforms, please refer to the next question.

Q: What are some of the things I can only access from (device) Mobile Banking, or only access from (desktop) Home Banking?
A: * Electronic Check Deposit is only available in Mobile Banking

  • Savings Goals & Budgets can only be created in Home Banking (viewable on Mobile Banking)
  • Check Withdrawal can only be completed in Home Banking (this is a security feature)
  • Visa Rewards access will only be available in Home Banking to begin with – access in Mobile Banking will be added a few months after conversion

Q: Will all of my savings goals and budgets transfer to the new service?
A: No, the personal finance tool is being updated and any previous spending goals, budgets and transactions will need to be re-created in the new desktop and/or mobile platform. This new tool will have more options for tracking your spending, categorizing transactions and setting goals and budgets.

Q: Where can Savings Goals and Budgets be created – Mobile Banking, Home Banking, or both?
A: Savings Goals and Budgets can only be created in (desktop) Home Banking; however they can be viewed and tracked from both Mobile (device) and Home Banking.

Q: Will there be any changes to existing services in Mobile and/or Home Banking?
A: Aside from how everything looks and better navigation, there will also be enhancements to some current services – like simpler ways to obtain ACH/Direct Deposit info., more transfer options, managing cards on desktop, and better eAlerts.

Q: Are there any NEW features being added?
A: YES! Just to name a few…

  • Account Aggregation – pull in your accounts, loans and cards from other financial institutions so you can see it ALL on your new Qualstar dashboard.
  • Member to Member Transfers – send money to another Qualstar member, directly from your account (no need to call us, you will need their account number.)
  • Request a Skipped Payment on an eligible loan directly from the Mobile Banking app (a fee applies.)
  • Manage cards via (desktop) Home Banking – previously only available in Mobile Banking.
  • Coming later in 2020…electronically deposit a check directly to your Qualstar loan and send a Secure Message in Mobile Banking WITH an attachment!

Q: Will my Bill Payer payees carry over into the new service?
A: YES, our service provider for Bill Payer is not changing so in both Mobile and Home Banking you will see all of your existing payees and will be able to pay those bills, receive electronic bills, set-up scheduled payments, etc. the same as our current platform.

Q: Will I still see the accounts I had previously “linked” to my own account?
A: YES, if you linked another Qualstar account to be viewed and/or accessed in our current online services, you will continue to see those accounts in the new platform.

Q: I have previously created some scheduled/recurring or other FI transfers in the “old” Home Banking – will those be available in the new platform?
A: Transfers set-up in our current Home Banking system will transfer into the new system. Transfers scheduled by you in Home Banking or by Qualstar staff (e.g. for a loan payment) will continue to happen in the new service (you would need to contact us to make changes to those transfers.) “FI to FI” transfers previously set-up are expected to be available in the new system – however, if for some reason your FI transfer(s) are not, it will be very simple to add in new Mobile or Home Banking.

Q: If accounts and/or loans are aggregated from other financial institutions, what kind of access is available when logged in to Qualstar Mobile or Home Banking?
A: When accounts from other banks, credit unions or finance companies are aggregated into Qualstar Online Services users will see the same type of info. available in those other online platforms since it’s simply an internal connection to those accounts when the username and password is entered. Transactions cannot be made, but balances and transaction history is provided.

Q: If accounts and/or loans are aggregated from other financial institutions, does that information get provided to or shared with Qualstar?
A: NO – by entering the username and password for the other financial institution, the user is only creating the ability to view those accounts from within Qualstar Online Services. That information is not saved or shared anywhere on Qualstar’s core and staff do not have access to any of that information – it only shows for the user logged in to the account (on which the accounts were aggregated.)

Q: If checks are written and clear from a previously merged Credit Union (PSFCU or Woodstone), will check images be available to view?
A: No, checks that have a Routing & Transit (R&T) number different than Qualstar’s (325081966) will not be viewable in account history. New checks with the correct R&T number can be ordered from Mobile or Home Banking by choosing “Checking Services” and submitting the order online.

Q: Will the eAlerts I have set-up continue to be sent?
A: No, unfortunately all previous eAlerts will be discontinued and it will be necessary for you to re-create them. The good news is, the new Mobile Banking app will have a lot more options for setting up eAlerts received via email or text.

Q: Will balances still be viewable on Apple Watch?
A: Yes, by activating the “Snapshot” feature (via Settings in Mobile or Home Banking), which provides current balances on a screen before logging in, up to 5 balances will also be displayed on Apple Watch.

Q: What’s the best way to get updates on what is changing, and when?
A: Enroll to receive eStatements! We will be sending regular info. via email with monthly eStatement notifications. We will also be communicating directly to existing Mobile and Home Banking users via other channels in mid-December.