Union Vacation Accounts

Vacation Funds

Qualstar is very proud to partner with several local unions to provide convenient access to their Vacation Funds. If you belong to any of the following unions, your vacation funds are with us:

If you have specific questions about your vacation funds, view a list of FAQ’s (Spanish Version also available) here or via the link to the right under “Union Account Links.”

If you belong to one of the above unions – we are here to help you.

Not only with your vacation funds, but we can also help with all of your banking needs. We realize everyone says they offer great rates and service, and we would appreciate the chance to show you we really mean it!

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Ask us how we compare to other banks or credit unions.

While we realize we aren’t going to be the best option out there every single time, we always make sure our competitors have to work pretty hard to beat us.

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