Past Member Stories & Articles

A new merger member referral turns into a $4300 “gift,” thanks to Mark!

I received an online request to contact a potential new member, and when I asked what brought him to Qualstar he said his father was a member of Puget Sound Federal Credit Union and since the merger had experienced positive interactions with Qualstar staff. As a result, he suggested his son should also join!

Mark’s Tenacity Saves a Member 2.5 Years and Almost $10,000!

I have helped this member a couple of times in the past so when I noticed he had recently applied for a lower interest rate on his Visa Gold I took a look at his credit report and was reminded he had an RV loan at another financial institution. His loan with them was for a longer term than Qualstar offers for a slightly older RV so I called and asked how he would feel about a higher payment if it would save him money in the long term. He said he wanted to think about it.

Kohlique took the air out of this member’s balloon mortgage rate!

Mr. V has been a loyal member with Qualstar for over 25 years and opened his account when we were originally Safeway Credit Union. He comes in to the Renton branch about once a month for simple transactions so we hadn’t really asked if he needed any services or loans. On this one particular day, I was glad that I decided to say something…