Member Saving Stories

A different language doesn’t stop Babou from saving this member money!


While helping this member with a transaction, I told him he was qualified for a Gateway Line of Credit and asked if he would be interested in submitting an application. He explained he wasn’t able to communicate in English very well, and even though no one in the branch spoke his language I was determined to help with his financial needs.

My co-worker suggested using Google Translator but I wasn’t able to do that behind the glass so I asked the member if he had a smart phone. He said “Yes” so then I asked if he had Google Translator. He said “Yes” and handed me his phone. We had our conversation about the Gateway through Google Translator and he said he wants to open it up. While still on Google Translator, I asked if he has any other loans we might be able to save him money on, and he said one Auto Loan at 19% and almost a $500 monthly payment. I told him we could submit an application to refinance that auto loan and save him some money – once again he said “OK” and now he pays $100 less per month on his auto loan!