Member Saving Stories

A few small balance transfers make a BIG impact for this member, thanks to Emily!


I helped this member in the Redmond branch with a large cash withdrawal, and noticed his Visa Gold credit line was recently increased. When I asked if he saw the notification of the increase we sent him in November, he said he had no idea. I asked if he had any other credit cards out there with balances, and he said, “I think I have a few small ones.” I asked how he would feel about transferring those balances to his Visa Gold to make one payment a month instead of three, and he said he would rather just make the one payment. In addition to that, he would get the 1% CASH back rebate on the amounts he transfers to his Visa Gold and he wouldn’t have to pay a balance transfer fee!

I gave him a balance transfer form and told him to come back when he’s ready so we can help him out. A few weeks went by, and I thought he had forgotten, but then on a busy Friday he came in with his form! “A few small ones” turned into FOUR higher rate credit cards that we he no longer has to make payments on!