Member Saving Stories

Alejandra helped cut this member’s auto loan rate in HALF!


I reached out to a member who was pre-approved for an auto loan, and I noticed we had tried to refinance his auto loan last year. So, before I called, I went into the previous application to find out why the refinance did not go through. After having all of the details, I felt confident we could help him this time around and I called him. He didn’t answer, so I left a detailed message and he called me back right away! We had a great conversation about what Qualstar could potentially offer him, and I let him know I would do my best to help him – he liked that a lot.

After going over the numbers and asking some detailed questions to see if things had changed from the last application, I asked if he would be willing to give me a chance to help him save money. He said, “Yes, let’s do it!” I started the application and he got super excited when I asked him about his truck – he got it “fully loaded,” and had lots of fun telling me everything it had. After we finished the application, I told him I would call back once I got an answer and he thanked me for calling him. The next morning, I checked his application and it had been approved! I was super excited so I called right away and told him his auto refinance was ready to go – he was also super excited, and came in later that afternoon to sign his loan paperwork. This all was done over the course of TWO days, and now with his 3.24% auto loan at Qualstar he is paying $139 a month less (that’s over $1600/year) than his previous loan!