Member Saving Stories

Ashley knew we could do MORE for these members, so that’s exactly what she did!


The other morning I was replying to secure messages received via Online Services, and saw a request from members who were wanting a payoff amount for their auto loan. I knew the payoff was for one of two reasons: either they were getting ready to trade it in, or they were looking to refinance it elsewhere. After providing them with the payoff, I took the opportunity to offer doing an auto loan pre-approval with us if they were indeed looking to trade in their current vehicle. During this process, I discovered they recently had their credit pulled with us to do an equity loan, so I made sure they also knew about our VISA credit card options and our balance transfer 1% rebate. They said they were interested in moving forward with the auto pre-approval, so we took the conversation offline and I gave them a call.

They were approved for both the auto loan and VISA credit card, and I sent them the balance transfer information – that same day they went to the dealership and came home with a truck at a nice, low rate of 3.74%. And, with their new VISA Gold, they qualified for our lowest rate as well! They said their other bank credit card interest rate was in the teens, so they were definitely excited to do the balance transfer with 1% rebate. With the lower rate and qualifying for the maximum balance transfer rebate, they are saving hundreds of dollars’ in interest. I’m so glad I took the opportunity to see what we could do for these members instead of just giving them the payoff amount. Sometimes it’s hard to start the conversation when a member is asking for something specific, but in most cases when we go the extra mile and let members know what we can do for them, they are usually appreciative and we end up saving them money – it’s the Qualstar Way!