Member Saving Stories

Brenda encouraged this member’s motivation to help him graduate from Gateway to Gold!


This member came into the branch back in August and we started talking about him making his payments on time so he is on track to upgrade out of his Gateway Line of Credit to save some money and help build positive credit. He said he really didn’t think we would even consider upgrading him, and I let him know it may be at the same $500 limit but we would be able to ditch the $5 monthly fee as well as likely lower his interest rate. He said he would do his best to keep everything on track.

Fast forward to September, and I checked back in with him when he came in to do a transaction. Even though his payment wasn’t quite due yet, he wanted to make it early so he can be on track to upgrade in October. I congratulated him on keeping himself accountable and he said the fact we want to help him save money, (which is what he also wants) lets him know we have his best interests in mind. He came back in late October to apply for the upgrade, and to his joy he was approved for a limit even higher than we originally thought. With that limit, we were able to transfer a higher rate card balance to his new Visa Gold, and took advantage of the 1% cash back rebate.