Member Saving Stories

Brenda is 100% Committed to Saving our Members’ Money!


This member stopped by the Federal Way branch on Friday to refinance his auto loan in order to reduce his payments and save some money. While processing his application I saw he had other high rate loan and credit card balances, and knowing he was committed to saving money I mentioned the benefits of our two Visa Credit Cards. He said, “You’re right, but I do not want to do anymore work.” I told him I would take care of everything, and since we were waiting on some negotiations for a better deal on his auto loan, there would be no added time. He said, “Let’s do it!” so I finished the application and he was automatically approved for a Visa Gold at 8.99%. I collected the information to pay off his highest interest rate card, which would be saving him over 12% in interest on his balance. Now this is where the interaction could have ended…but I knew we could do even more!

We spoke about making things easier with our online services, and got him enrolled in Mobile & Home Banking with eStatements. Then we discussed his goals, his game plan for his life, and that’s when we started talking about making his hard-earned money work FOR him. He had another high-balance account paying only a few dollars a month in dividends, so I did some calculations and went over our Premier Money Market account. If he moved his savings to Qualstar, we would pay over $175 more in dividends than he was earning at his other financial institution. He was speechless for two whole minutes, so I asked if that would be enough to make Qualstar CU primary financial institution. He looked directly at me and said, “I have ZERO reasons to say no.” He is now fully connected to his ONE account, with online services, our awesome Visa Gold, his lower rate auto loan and his higher rate Premier Money Market account. It was great to see him walk out of the branch with a smile on his face, and on a clear path to reaching to his goals.