Member Saving Stories

Brittany's communication skills came in clutch for a savings of $14,000!


At the Kent branch we recently helped a husband and wife who are hearing impaired, but can communicate easily by writing and of course sign language. They came in expressing their interest in applying for an equity loan, so we sat down and started the application. Due to their specific communication needs, we hadn’t discussed any loan options that might help their financial situation in any of their previous visits to a branch so I figured it was about time!

Upon reviewing their equity loan application I noticed they had two auto loans and an RV loan, all with high interest rates. I broke down some projections for them with pen and paper, and they enthusiastically agreed it made sense to move all of those loans to Qualstar. Through email we were able to get the rest of the details sorted out and they came back in the next week with their paystubs, ready to sign. Through many more notes and a lot of sign language (and smiles) we got all three loans wrapped up and their savings are AMAZING. For all three loans they were previously paying $1380 a month – we lowered all three rates (one by over 13%) and they are now paying a total of $907.22 a month. That’s a whopping $472.78 in savings PER MONTH! Another bonus is, over the life of these loans they are saving $14,000 in interest – that’s enough to buy a another car! The members were so grateful for our help and were very moved by our tenacity to make sure they were getting the best deal possible.