Member Saving Stories

Gerry spent an entire year helping this member SAVE MONEY!


Back in December 2019, I contacted this member because I knew we could help make his money work harder for him. There had been a sizable balance in his checking for quite some time, and I told him we had a fantastic rate on our Premier Money Market. I wanted him to know he could earn more on his balance, and all it would take is a simple shift of funds within his account. What I didn’t realize then, is he would very quickly become an extremely loyal member…

It had been a few months since I had heard from him, and suddenly I get an email that said, “It’s time to say goodbye to my other credit union…can you help me with that?” There was zero doubt in my mind we could, so I got right to work! During that process I discovered he had recently purchased a new RV. I had helped him with an RV loan earlier in the year so I asked, “What happened there? Decide to go with something different?” and sure enough, that was the case. They decided they wanted something bigger, and it happened so fast they just went with financing offered by the dealer. I was very confident we could do better for him, and since he had that same level of confidence in me, he gave the green light to proceed with the refinance. It only took us four (4) days to get the deals done (only because two of those days were a weekend), and just like that we refinanced his truck, decreased his rate from 5.99% to 3.74%, gave him FREE GAP, and 90-days with ZERO payments. In addition, we refinanced his RV, decreased his rate from 4.99% to 4.49%, and he’s also getting 90-days with NO payments on that loan as well. I never could have imagined that one phone call would turn into all that has happened in the last year, and I am incredibly grateful he decided to make us HIS credit union.