Member Saving Stories

Jacob reminded this hard-working member his VISA +Rewards card is there when he needs it!


This member called in looking for a shared branch on the other side of the mountains, as he was in need of cash and didn’t have his debit card with him. He’s a trucker and wasn’t anywhere close to a Qualstar branch, so I looked at his account and saw he had our Visa +Rewards credit card. I asked if he had the card with him, and luckily he said yes!

Since he had his Visa +Rewards in hand, I suggested doing a cash advance from an ATM so I helped with changing his PIN and told him where the nearest no-fee ATM was on his route. Once he reached his destination, he ended up paying for what he needed with the Visa +Rewards card AND earned over 2,500 points – even better! He hadn’t used the card in a while, and I was happy to remind him it’s a great option when he needs it.