Member Saving Stories

Jodie Almost Gets a Hat Trick!


This member called Lending to ask about getting a motorcycle loan and was pre-approved. While reviewing his application, I noticed he also had some credit cards with high interest rates so I told him about our Visa Gold/Rewards cards and how low his rate could be. I also explained that we could do a balance transfer to his new card, and he thought that sounded like a great deal so we added that to his application. While doing that, we also spoke about refinancing his RV loan to make sure he was getting the best rate possible.

In the end we weren’t able to beat the rate he got on his motorcycle loan with the dealership, but we are moving forward with the RV refinance and we opened his Visa Gold with $10,000.00 in balance transfers – with our 1% cash back offer that’s a $100 rebate for him and lower payments on his RV loan. Two out of three loans with better rates isn’t bad!