Member Saving Stories

Kelsey knew this member just needed someone to give him a chance...


This member needed to do dispute as a result of some fraud on his account. I could tell that he was upset so I wanted to make sure we got everything done in a timely matter. I looked at his account I noticed he only uses us for his Vacation Funds. I started chatting with him and asked where his primary institution was and he said, “a different credit union.” I could hear in his voice he wasn’t too happy with them, but he was dealing with it. I asked if they treated him well and he said he guessed they did. I asked if he had any loans with them and he instantly laughed and said, “That will be the day! They won’t even think to look at me with my credit score.” With that, I asked what type of loans he had and what could be hindering his credit. He mentioned he did just pay off some debt, so he pulled out his credit reporting tool app and his credit score had jumped over 70 points! The smile that grew on his face was very exciting. We talked about his motorcycle loan, and he was not that happy with the rate. I brought up refinancing, and with that being said he was eager to get started so we filled out an application and finished up his dispute paperwork.

Blake received the paperwork the next morning and later that day the member was approved! Fast forward a few days later when he came back in to finalize his loan, he came up to my window to do a transaction and says through tears, “Thank you, by the way. They approved refinancing my bike, I am so thankful.” I told him of course we want to help in every way possible! Once he walked away, I was in awe of what just happened and reflected on the first time he came in to do a dispute, saying no one would ever help him; the next time he came in with a smile and relief all over his face. It was so rewarding to be able to help a member who felt like no one was on his side. Never say Never.