Member Saving Stories

Kelsey was a true advocate for this member, saving him over $5500!


I came across this member’s account while doing some account reviews. I noticed he has had his Gateway Line of Credit for quite some time, and I knew we could help him improve his financial situation. I called to let him know we could likely lower his interest rate and avoid monthly fees – he was very interested! We discussed the details and I let him know I would submit the application and call him back as soon as we had it approved.

To begin with, we were able to upgrade his Gateway to a Visa Gold at an interest rate of 12.99%! We also increased his limit so he can have more flexibility using his new card. And now that he was getting our amazing Visa Gold, I made sure he knew about the Passport discount benefit he gets with it at no charge and 1% rebate on balance transfers. But I did not want to stop there – we talked about another loan he had with a high interest rate and monthly payment. I asked if he wanted me to see what we could do to save him some money on that, and he said that loan was a “last resort” when he got it. I did not want to see him paying that high of a rate, so we added that to his loan application. We were able to refinance that loan at an interest rate of 12.99%, so over the life of the loan we are saving him more than $5,500 and we are putting more than $100 back into his pocket EVERY MONTH. I am so glad I connected with this member – he was shocked we were able to help him in the way we did and he’s excited to save his hard-earned money with Qualstar!