Member Saving Stories

Lower rate, lower payment, shorter term – Rachelle took care of it ALL for this member!


When this member came into the branch to update the address on his account, I noticed we had a previous conversation about doing a Visa Balance Transfer from his other high rate credit cards. I asked if he had made a decision about it yet but he hadn’t—come to find out he was more interested in refinancing his RV. He didn’t like the fact he couldn’t make additional payments toward the principle with his current loan at another bank. They told him their system would not allow him to make a payment different from his regular scheduled payment, so I told him we would be happy to help him with refinancing his RV! While processing his application we discovered his RV loan had a 20-year term when all along he thought he had a 15 year term and his rate was higher than what we could do for him. In the end, he was very happy we approved him for a 10 year loan with an even lower rate and it will save him over $60,000.00 in interest over the life of the loan!