Member Saving Stories

Mark helps this long-time, loyal member cut her monthly payments in HALF!


This member has been with us for almost 20 years, having worked for King County Metro. I have helped her with a handful of loans in the past, so she knew I could help her figure out the best way to make some home improvements happen.

Having retired a few years ago, she now has time to get some work done on her home, and had already been using her credit cards to get started. She called me to ask if we could do a personal loan to cover the rest of her home improvements. But when I took a look at that option, I quickly realized the best solution would be to consolidate her existing loan and credit card debt with a lower rate Home Equity loan. If we paid everything off with that, it would lower her monthly expenses and provide some cash for her improvement plans. She agreed with that plan, and soon after that her Advantage Equity loan paid off NINE loans/cards – plus she had more than $8,500 cash to get started on her home remodel. Now she has ONE loan payment, which is less than half of what she was paying, saving her over $750.00 per month!