Member Saving Stories

Mark left no stone uncovered to make sure this new union member had ALL the savings!


I reached out to one of our new union members, who set up his Online Services and had even done a check deposit using the Mobile Banking app. But, because he hadn’t yet upgraded his Vacation Fund account, the full deposit was not immediately available in his account. I confirmed he was eligible to upgrade to a Simply Checking, so he would have more access to his deposits and the ability to transfer funds to and from other bank and credit union accounts quickly and easily. When I explained all of this to him, he agreed upgrading his account was the way to go!

We also discussed our higher rate Premier Money Market account, and I made sure he knew how competitive our loan rates are. He said he had just purchased a vehicle and the rate they gave him was a little higher than he expected. I told him our rate would be lower – that got his attention since he had two other loans and wanted them all in one credit union. I collected all of the information for two auto loans and an ATV loan, and worked up my best estimates of rates, payments, and savings. He was most interested in lowering rates and payments vs. long-term savings, so we lowered his rates on all three loans and in total he is saving $162.66 per month. He had purchased GAP for both vehicles from the dealership, and will get another $800-$900 in refunds for that; AND he is saving another $100+ per month on cancelling ATV insurance the previous lender required him to have. With all of that, and a new Visa Gold Credit Card with the Passport benefit, he can have peace of mind he’s getting a better deal at ONE credit union.