Member Saving Stories

Non-member last week…LOYAL member today, all thanks to Erin!


A non-member stopped by the Everett branch on a Friday to open an account – we didn’t have an appointment available at that time, but I stepped outside to see how I could help and we scheduled an appointment for the following week. To get the process started before then, I suggested she go to our website to apply for membership over the weekend.

During her appointment, I made sure we had the account set-up the way she wanted and helped get her connected with Online Services and access to our Mobile Banking app. While she was here we got to chatting, and since we just qualified her for membership I asked if there was anything else we could do to help save her money. She recently paid off her car, but she did have some higher rate loan balances so I let her know about our Visa credit card options with the balance transfer 1% rebate. We started the Visa loan application, and when she mentioned owning her home I asked if she had ever thought of using a Home Equity Line of Credit. She had one before, so she wasn’t really interested; at this point I’d been working with her for a while, and she had just gotten off work so I could tell she was ready to wrap up. I thanked her for becoming a new member, and figured we could follow up with other options once the Visa application was complete.

When she came to the branch to finish her loan paperwork, we explained how the Equity Loan would be more beneficial for paying off her debt because it would have a lower rate than even our lowest rate Visa. She ended up deciding to go for it and we were able to consolidate her debt at a very low rate, and she has a Visa credit card with all the benefits that come with it!