Member Saving Stories

Octavia gave this member a lower rate, great service, and a PLAN!


When this member came in to the Tacoma branch, I realized he only had a savings account and I offered to open a Simply Checking so he could have a Visa Debit Card. I also noticed he had been making regular payments on his Gateway Line of Credit for over a year, so I asked about upgrading him to our Visa Gold Card in order to lower his rate and give him more access. He agreed that would be great to help him save some money.

While I was completing his loan application, I noticed he had an auto loan with a pretty high rate and asked if he would like me to see if we could lower it for even more savings. Of course he said yes, because he was very unhappy with their customer service and could rarely speak with an actual person. In addition, he didn’t have many options for paying his loan and was paying $20 every time he made a payment over the phone. When his application came back from lending, it was for a slightly higher rate, but he still wanted to move forward with the loan since we were making the process much easier for him. But I knew we could get that rate lower! After receiving the information for his current auto loan, I asked for his application to be reviewed again and we were able to bring the rate down a bit more. It was only savings of $10 a month on his payment, and he wondered if it was really worth it. So I explained how saving $10 a month for the nearly 70-month term, as well as not having to pay $20 every time he makes a payment, would save him over $2000. He agreed, but really wanted an even lower rate, so we discussed a plan – he had already done a great job improving his credit score, so I said I would follow-up with him 6 months to check his score again and possibly lower his rate(s) even more!

I also wanted to make sure he knew how convenient it would be to manage his account by using our Online Services. He was already signed up, and didn’t realize he wouldn’t have to come to the branch to deposit his check, so I made sure he knew how to use Mobile Check Deposit to save him the trip next time. When everything was said and done, this member came in for a debit card and left with ways to improve his financial life!