Member Saving Stories

Of course she remembered Falana…and came back for MORE GREAT SERVICE!


I received an email from this member, asking me to contact her about an auto loan. I was happy she remembered I helped her back in 2017 and 2018, and I replied to thank her for thinking of me and let her know I am now in Federal Way. After we connected and got her pre-approved for a new car, I asked what’s new since so much time had passed since we last worked together. She mentioned she recently purchased a home and has a new job, and since we had just submitted an application for her auto loan, I asked if she had ever considered a home equity loan for debt consolidation and I made sure she knew there are no closing costs.

When she refinanced her mortgage loan about a year ago, the lender said she didn’t have enough equity for cash out, so I did a quick estimate and confirmed there was now some equity there. I said I would call her in a couple of days to discuss her options answer any questions…two days later, we submitted the application! Since she was still shopping around with her auto pre-approval and staying in touch with me, we were able to provide Lending with the documentation for her Option Equity loan and keep things moving. Within a couple of weeks, we were ready to schedule her loan signing! She couldn’t believe how quick and simple it was, and was so pleased she asked me to call her Aunt and do the same for her….I’m on it!