Member Saving Stories

Randi makes sure this union member is set-up for benefits and savings!


The other day I helped a member who had been with the union for a while, but hadn’t been to the branch to access his account, and wanted to get more information about his Vacation Fund at Qualstar. We hadn’t yet received all of the information to fully complete his membership, so I told him about the benefits of being a member at Qualstar; such as, access to our Online Services with Mobile Check Deposit, a full selection of financial services, and so much more!

I also explained how Qualstar is a not-for-profit financial institution, and because of this our interest rates on loans are very competitive (if not lower than other banks.) While we were going through his membership application, I wanted to make sure we discussed how we might be able to assist with his whole financial picture. I asked if he had any loans with rates that could be better, and he mentioned a Chevy truck loan with a rate of about 5.29%. I knew we could give him a lower rate, so we submitted an application to refinance. In addition, for convenient access to credit and the rewards that come with it, we included a Visa +Rewards Credit Card on the application as well.

When we were done, his account was set-up with full membership benefits and he was approved for the auto refinance with a lower rate of 3.99%, which decreased his monthly payment. He also received his Visa +Rewards card, and will be earning the 1.5% cash reward for all his Visa purchases!