Member Saving Stories

Ricky’s follow-up call turned into even MORE savings!


I called this member to follow up on his approved Personal Loan application he submitted online. While we were discussing that, I asked about refinancing his auto and RV loans from other credit unions. He was very interested, but he didn’t have a time, so he asked me to email my phone number to him so he can get ahold of me when he gets off work. When he called later, we completed his application for both loans and he was approved!

During the loan process, I found out he actually had a lower rate on his auto loan at the other credit union, so I asked if he would consider moving it to us if we can match his rate and both loans would be at one place. He said, “Definitely! What’s important to me is lowering my monthly payment.” Although we were not able to match his rate, we did lower our rate by 1%, included our 90-day no pay offer, and waived the Title Transfer Fee. With the auto refinance, we were able to lower his payment from $719 to $665, saving him over $600 annually. In addition, we lowered his RV loan rate from 8.70% to 6.99% which lowered his monthly payment from $348 to $270 and is saving him another $900 per year. We talked about doing an in-house refinance on his auto loan later on, to see if we can lower the rate even more – and in the end, he was very happy with his lower payments and no payments for 90 days, just in time for summer!