Member Saving Stories

New union, new truck, no more bus…thanks to Samantha!


One of our new Union employee members left a message to see if he could qualify for a Gateway Line of Credit since he had regular deposits coming into his account. So, I reached out to him and he said to call him back after work.

Later that afternoon I gave him a call and asked if he was able to talk. As it turns out, he had just gotten onto the bus so he was good to go. After obtaining the information needed for a Gateway LOC application, I realized he would qualify for our Visa Gold. While doing his paperwork, I remembered him saying he was taking the bus so I also submitted an auto loan application to see if we could help there as well. Both applications were approved and I was excited to tell him about the Visa Gold:/visa/visa-gold and see if was interested in moving forward with an auto loan.

When I called back and told him the good news about the Visa Gold, he was so happy! On top of the Visa Gold, I asked if he was in the market for an auto loan because I was also able to get him pre-approved. He was shocked that I was able to offer the option of buying a vehicle and he sounded like he was going to fly through the phone with excitement. I told him what we would need and what the terms would be–he was just so happy that he was going to be able to buy a new truck.

We got his new Visa Gold funded and on top of that, he (and his family) are now the proud owners of a reliable 2005 Dodge truck, so no more bus for him! He was so happy and grateful that Qualstar was able to help him with what he needed to help make his financial situation better.