Member Saving Stories

Nicolette Doesn’t Give Up When She Can SAVE OUR MEMBERS MONEY!

I originally called this member to talk to him about his pre-approval and what our current auto loan rates were. He said he appreciated the call but he was already paying 0% on his auto loan, a special offer through the manufacturer. We talked a bit more about auto loans and interest rates, and then I asked if he had any loans we might be able to save him money on. He said no initially but then I asked specifically about his house and what his mortgage rate was. He told me they refinanced to 30 years a while back at a rate of 4.125% and was hesitant because he flat out said he did not want to refi again at 30 years because he was hoping to retire in the next 10-15 years. I let him know the FastTrack was perfect for him because it has shorter terms AND no closing costs. I asked if he was interested in applying but he said he would need to talk to his wife first so I offered to mail out the projections and more info on the FastTrack. He said that would be great, so that’s what o I did. And I didn’t hear anything back.

About a month and a half later, I decided to try again – we had such a great conversation the first time, I thought he still may be interested. He was, but so much time had passed he wanted to speak to his wife again to make sure that they were still on the same page. I called back after a week and found out they did still want to apply. However, he had just started with the Seattle School District and was in his probationary period so they wanted to wait and apply after that was over. We coordinated to speak again when his probationary period was over.

I called again toward the end of the next month and they were READY! I played a bit of phone tag with his wife to complete the application, but we eventually got everything processed. I suggested rolling some of their credit card debt into the FastTrack so they could truly be debt free when the loan is paid off. She had some questions about that, so I had her speak with Roni in Consumer Lending. After a couple of delays with paperwork, I was able to finally meet with them to sign their loan documents! In the end, we were able to pay off their first AND second mortgages plus a couple of high rate credit cards, and we shaved 10 years off their mortgage! They were so impressed with Qualstar that they plan on moving their main bank account to us as well! They were so happy that I called…and kept calling.