Member Saving Stories

They got the loan somewhere else…Teresa got it back AND a better deal for the members!


I was reviewing pending loan applications and came across one we lost due to the member going with another lender. I called to see if they would be interested in refinancing for a lower rate and/or payment, and assured them I could help speed up the process this time. They didn’t think it was possible to refinance because the loan was just recently funded with the other lender, but I told them, “We can make it possible!” With that, they agreed to continue with the application to refinance the auto loan.

The next day I connected with them to get the rest of the loan information – shortly after that, the loan was finalized and the appointment was scheduled for signing the loan documents. They had some equity available in the vehicle, so we were also able to give them over $9600 cash-out to pay off some other bills and credit cards. With all of that, plus a new Qualstar Visa Gold Card, they were very impressed with how smoothly everything went and thanked me for reaching out and not giving up on them!