Member Saving Stories

This member chose us because of service, and Blake proved it was a GREAT choice!


Jim came into the Tacoma branch and sat at my desk to inquire about a pre-approved Home Equity Line of Credit mailer he recently received from us. I educated him on the various loan options and how they could be applied to his specific situation. Jim mentioned some work needed to be done around the house and had it all planned out, so we went with the Advantage Equity loan.

During the application process, Jim told me he has been a long-time member at another credit union but came to us first due to some poor service he’d been receiving at the other place. He also said, although his account with Qualstar started because of his membership in the union, he has had nothing but positive experiences with us! I asked what other financial services he had at the other credit union, and said he currently has a credit card and an auto loan with them. I asked if he’d be open to seeing how much we could save him on monthly payments while we worked on his home equity application, and he agreed so we got to work! He did have some competitive rates to beat, but I was happy to see what we could do. He had an auto loan to refinance, and our offer was nearly identical to what he currently had, only dropping his rate .20% and his payment would be the same. “So why would I bring it here?” Jim asked. My answer was simple—Jim had even said it himself…we have a way of providing a positive experience so I reminded Jim of the reason he came to us in the first place. And I added the fact that with Qualstar, he can rest assured we will keep his best interest in mind. Finally, I asked Jim “If everything is the same, other than the quality of service being provided, WHY NOT switch?” Jim sat for a second before letting me know he was ready to receive better service and save more money on his loans by bringing them to Qualstar!