Member Saving Stories

Tyler turns a simple transaction into SAVINGS…


I assisted a member who came in simply to deposit his check with cash back, and while processing his request I asked where his vehicle was financed to see if we could save him some money. He said it was, “some bank in California” and wasn’t sure on the rate, but he knew it was high. I asked if he wanted to see if we could get him a better rate – he said his credit wasn’t good, and he didn’t have time to do an application right then, but he was interested in lower payments.

The next day I took a look at his account and saw we already had a credit report on file, so I called him at work to let him know all we needed was the application. After processing his request, we were able to lower his truck loan rate from 12.91% to 6.49%, which also lowered his monthly payment by $52 a month. We were able to give him a better rate on his other car as well, lowering his interest rate from 20.37% to 6.49%, which reduced that monthly payment by $134 – a total savings of $186 every month. And to top it off, he received FREE GAP on both of his vehicles (a $850 value.)

It’s all in a day’s work for Tyler, helping our members make the most of their hard-earned money!