Member Saving Stories

“You guys have treated me so well…I only want Qualstar to do my loan.”


I first met this member in September when he needed help getting statements printed. It seemed like such a simple interaction but it apparently had a huge affect on him, because within a month he came into the branch and asked for me by name. Long story short, we refinanced his auto from 25.59% to 6.49% APR with a $160/month savings. After that, I gave him my card and told him to call me if anything comes up or if he had any questions. As it turned out, quite a lot came up. After he refinanced his vehicle with us, he was in an accident. Luckily everyone was safe, but then while waiting for his car to be repaired, he was rear-ended in his rental car! And if that wasn’t enough, his insurance called to tell him his car was a total loss. Frustrated and down on his luck, he stopped by the Federal Way Branch to see me while I was on lunch. He left a sticky note on my desk and a message with Rosalinda explaining the situation. I called right away and asked him to come in the following day.

We got him pre-approved right away, and he found the car he wanted within in four (4) days. He was hoping to finalize through CUDL, but the dealership tried to send his loan to another bank so he literally picked up his paperwork, drove himself to the Federal Way branch, sat down at my desk and said, “You guys have treated me so well. I’ve had incredible service in every branch, and every time I walk through the door – I only want Qualstar to do my loan.” I said, “YES SIR, let’s get this done!” I called the dealership to get the information we needed and we finished the following morning (GAP coverage and everything) so he could go pick up his new car. SERVICE OVER EVERYTHING! #ThisIsWhatWeDo