Member Saving Stories

Yvonne's friendly service turns into SAVINGS for this member's mortgage refinance!


This member would come in regularly to do his shared branching transactions and we would chat about what’s going on with him and his work. After many months of transacting for him he asked, “So, what do I need to do to become a member of Qualstar? I really like coming in here.” I had been waiting so long for him to ask! I told him about membership and the accounts we offer, and he decided to start with a savings…just for now. He would eventually open a checking account, sign up for online services, and then add a money market account.

Based on the many “small talk” conversations we had I knew he had projects to do around his house, so we eventually talked about mortgage refinance and home equity options. Then came the day when he was finally ready…so I asked, “Are you ready for us to help with your mortgage refinance, pull some cash out for projects, and lower your rate?” He said, “Yes, let’s do it!” With his approval, I submitted a referral to our Mortgage Lending team and we completed his refinance. I know this member gained confidence that not only would we offer the better deal, but we would continue to provide stellar service throughout the process and beyond. I have no doubt if anything changes, or if he needs anything else, I know where he is going to come for help…_that’s what we’re here for!_