Insurance Products

Insurance may not be something you think about when you are choosing a financial institution, but it makes sense! Insurance is a financial commitment, and in most cases a requirement to have, so why not obtain your insurance from the place that already has your best financial interest in mind?

Qualstar has partnered with well known national insurance providers to offer our members:

Discounted Insurance Options1

Whether it’s financing a new car or investing in an IRA, you know you’ll always get a good deal from Qualstar and we wanted to extend that philosophy to provide our members with insurance options as well – at a great price.

Peace of Mind

Quality and value go hand in hand and we’ve done the research for you – all our insurance partners have the same commitment to excellence as we do!


Think of it as one-stop shopping for all of your financial needs – including insurance! Your payments come directly out of your account, and you get a great price on top of it all…it’s that easy!

1 Insurance products offered are: 1) Not federally insured. 2) not obligations of the credit union; and 3) not guaranteed by the credit union or any affiliated entity.