Mobile/Remote Deposit

No time to come to a branch to deposit that check? It’s not a problem with Mobile/Remote Deposit!

It may not be often that you have a check to deposit, so when you do we want to make it as simple as possible…why not deposit that check electronically from the comfort of wherever you are? With Mobile/Remote Deposit, it’s as simple as logging in to Home Banking or Mobile Banking.

What is Mobile/Remote Deposit?

Mobile/Remote Deposit is a secure service offered by Qualstar Credit Union that allows you to electronically deposit checks to your Qualstar account:

  • Mobile Deposit allows you to use your iPhone or Android mobile device to take a picture of the check and make deposits.
  • Remote Deposit allows you to use your scanner and computer to scan and deposit checks through Home Banking.

Mobile/Remote Deposit FAQ
Mobile/Remote Deposit Troubleshooting Guide

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Preparing Your Check:

  • Endorse the back and write “Mobile Deposit”
  • Include the account # you are depositing it to and the current date

Use Mobile Deposit with your iPhone/iPad or Android device:

  1. Go to your iPhone/iPad or Android Mobile Banking APP to log-in
  2. Select “Mobile Deposit” from the main menu
  3. Choose the account you want to make the deposit to
  4. Enter the correct amount of the check
  5. Click the front image icon to capture the front of the check1
  6. Submit the front check image
  7. Click the back image icon to capture the back of the check (with your endorsement, to include “Mobile Deposit”)1
  8. Submit the back check image
  9. Click submit again, and you’re done!

Don’t have an iPhone or Android? That’s OK!

  1. Go to on your device’s browser
  2. Log-in to your account (with your usual Home Banking login)
  3. Follow the instructions from #2 above

Mobile/Remote Deposit FAQ
Mobile/Remote Deposit Troubleshooting Guide

How will Mobile/Remote deposits be applied?

A minimum of $200 will be made available immediately; your available amount will be displayed on the screen when you make your deposit. The remaining funds will be released per our standard funds availability policy. The maximum daily deposit limit is $10,000 – the monthly deposit limit is $30,000.

1 Be sure to align the image to make sure you get 4 green corners – otherwise, your image may be rejected.