Share Certificates

Key Features

  1. Regular and IRA Certificates from three (3) to 60-month terms
  2. Competitive, tiered rates…so the more you save the more you earn!
  3. A low minimum – just $1000 – to open.
  4. Join Us Today!

A variety of rates and terms

Share Certificates provide you with the option of earning a higher dividend rate by investing your money for a designated period of time. Choose the term that best fits your financial needs, and the tier for the balance you want to invest – the rate is based on the amount you deposit and for how long.

The more you save, the more you earn

With our tiered rate structure, we can pay you the highest rate you qualify for based on the total balance of all your certificates. We’ll add up the amounts and you’ll get credit for the total you have invested, even if they are in separate certificates!