What are YOU "Saving4"?

Key Features

  1. Save for anything you want, for as long as you need
  2. Set-up automatic or payroll deposits and the hard work is done for you
  3. Funds are distributed on the maturity date you choose
  4. Join Us Today!

We know it’s not easy to save money in general – but we want to make it easier by giving you options to set specific goals to save for the things you want to buy, the things you want to do, or even the things that you don’t know are going to happen yet. That’s why we’ve created an account that gives YOU more…

  • YOU decide the goal [holidays, vacation, bills, etc.)
  • YOU choose the term [6-24 months*]
  • YOU make deposits [any time, no minimum/maximum]
  • YOU earn interest [watch your savings grow]

When the term has ended, the money you have saved becomes available to transfer into your checking account (or as a cash withdrawal1) – you can also choose to roll it over into another “Saving4___” account if you want to keep the momentum going.

1 A fee applies if funds are withdrawn prior to the term ending.