Loan Rewards

Qualstar loans are always priced competitively with realistic and convenient terms. And if that’s not enough to bring your next loan to Qualstar, check out these every day rewards that come with every Auto Loan and Visa Credit Card:

90 Days No Payments on Auto, Boat, RV and Motorcycle Loans1

Whether you’re purchasing a new vehicle or switching your existing auto loan financing to Qualstar, you can take a vacation from your loan payments and use the money for other things…unexpected expenses, paying off other bills, or even an actual vacation! With the national average auto loan payment at $496.00 per month2, that could end up being a lot of extra CASH for your pocket!

Or, if you’re looking to finance a more “fun” vehicle, you can also skip 90 days’ worth of payments on recreational loans!

1% Visa Balance Transfer Cash Back Rebate on NEW Visa Gold Cards3

Do you know what rate you’re paying on your other credit cards? Some banks, financing companies and department store credit card rates can be in excess of 30% APR5, AND they can change without your even knowing it! So, why not move those balances to a low rate Qualstar Visa Gold where you can trust that you won’t be overloaded by fees and penalty rates?

On top of a better rate and less fees, we’ll also pay 1% cash back on all balance transfers done within the first 30 days on your Qualstar Visa Gold.

Visa Balance Transfer Form

DOUBLE POINTS for Visa +Rewards Purchases on NEW Cards4

For the first 30 days the card is in your hands, you will earn DOUBLE POINTS for all purchases made with your Visa+Rewards card. Those points can be used for redeeming cash and/or gift card rewards, and there are NO blackout dates or restrictions.

1 90-day no payment offer is for new/used purchase or non-Qualstar refinanced vehicle loans only; loan approval, rate and term received is based on applicant’s credit history.

2 Source:

3 *1% cash back rebate is for balance transfers done within the first 30 days the card is open only (unless we are running a special promotion) and does not apply to purchases or cash advances; a total of three (3) balance transfers can be done in a 12-month period; maximum total rebate amount is $150.00 per year; rebate will be applied to the member’s Visa loan balance; offer does not apply to Equity Visas.

4 Double points to not apply to cash advances or interest charges.

5 Annual Percentage Rate