Loans & Credit Cards

  • Vehicle Loans

    Qualstar offers some of the best rates and terms for auto loans, and our service can’t be beat! Contact us when you’re ready to move your current auto loan to us or when you’re ready to purchase a new (or used) car, call us to get pre-approved.

  • Real Estate Loans

    A stress-free application: you can relax knowing we will walk you through each step of the mortgage process. Have confidence knowing you are getting a good deal from people you can trust!

  • Credit Cards

    Qualstar offers NO annual fee, travel accident, trip cancellation and purchase security insurance with our Visa cards. Your peace of mind is our priority!

  • Personal & Convenience Loans

    Qualstar Credit Union offers loans with shorter terms and lower balances. We offer different lines of credit for when you need cash for unexpected expenses at any time!

  • Member Business Loans

    Qualstar offers competitive rates to save your business money over the term of your loan. We offer an array of flexible loan options to fit your needs!

  • Loan & Credit Card Rates

    Qualstar offers an array of loans for auto, recreational, home, convenience and credit cards.

  • Loan Fees

    In an effort to make sure the money you make is the money you keep, we have very few fees – and, we make sure the fees we do have are clearly stated for every member.

  • Loan Review

    Most of us don’t think about the rates and terms of loans and credit cards we have after the paperwork has been signed and filed, so when it comes time to request that loan you really need there are factors that can make it challenging. Qualstar Lending Specialists are trained to look at your overall situation and find the best deal available!

  • Apply for a Loan Online

    Loan rates and terms are based on each individual’s credit history, LTV and Qualstar lending guidelines.

  • Make a Loan Payment