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Qualstar Members are Saving Money Simply by Contacting Us for a Loan Review!

Most of us don’t think about the rates and terms of loans and credit cards we have after the paperwork has been signed and filed, so when it comes time to request that loan you really need there are factors that can make it challenging:

  • Balances on various high rate credit cards
  • Too many open revolving credit accounts
  • Owing more than your vehicle (or home) is worth
  • More payments going out than money coming in

A Simple Loan Review Can Help! Qualstar Lending Specialists are trained to look at your overall situation and find the best deal available, which can result in lower rates and payments.

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Here is a true story about how we were able to turn a simple loan request into the opportunity to improve our member’s financial situation. This member is saving about $350.00 a month in payments and we lowered his boat rate by 3.5%! Here’s how we helped…
A member called in originally requesting to refinance his auto loan to lower the payment. After speaking with him, I learned he had been laid off from his previous job and he had taken a pay cut with his new job. After reviewing his credit report, I asked him about a boat loan with another creditor that he was paying a rate of 12% on! When he mentioned the large down payment, he made on that initial purchase I did a book value on the boat and found it had plenty of equity to refinance at a lower rate, with enough to pay down the auto loan and make his payment lower!

So when we say, “We’re not here to make money but to help our members make better use of theirs,” we mean it!

To request your personalized Loan Review, please call us:


A Lending Specialist will start the process by discussing your goals or concerns, looking at the options available to get you the best deal possible, and even taking your application right over the phone with a decision provided in minutes.1

1 Loan approval and rate received based on applicant’s credit
history – review our current rates or contact us for more information.