First Time Buyer

  • When you have no auto credit history and no (or low) credit score
  • Lower rates mean lower payments – and that’s more money in your pocket!
  • Additional options for your loan, including GAP coverage
  • Apply Now!

We realize there are times when our members need to purchase their first car, and they want to pay a reasonable rate just like people with “A credit.” Our First Time Auto Buyer Program is tailored for those members who meet certain qualifications, at a rate much lower than you might be offered at a dealership. Requirements include:

  • No previous auto credit history
  • No credit score, or 620+
  • Loan amount is maximum 6X gross monthly income or $25,000 (whichever is less)
  • Minimum 1-year of employment history
  • No previous late payment history on existing credit (if applicable)
  • Verification of income required
  • Two personal references required
  • Proof of insurance required