Member Saving Stories

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Kelsey was a true advocate for this member, saving him over $5500!


I came across this member’s account while doing some account reviews. I noticed he has had his Gateway Line of Credit for quite some time, and I knew we could help him improve his financial situation. I called to let him know we could likely lower his interest rate and avoid monthly fees – he was very interested! We discussed the details and I let him know I would submit the application and call him back as soon as we had it approved.

That feeling you get when you help a member SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.


This member visits the Seattle branch regularly and I started working on his auto loan refinance back in 2018. At that time he said he couldn’t apply because he was working on improving his credit, but he promised to come see me as soon as he got to where he needs to be. From that point on, he would come in occasionally and update me on his progress; and I even offered some advice on what he could do to improve his credit. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, when he walked into the branch and walked straight to my window. We did his transaction, and I told him I believe it’s time to look into refinancing that car. He asked me to call in couple weeks so we could talk about it. I put a reminder in my calendar, and when I called to see if we could start the application process he said, “You caught me at a good time, so let’s do it.” We did the refinance application over the phone, and I told him I’d call as soon as we received a decision back from lending. While processing his application, I noticed there were other loans we could help with…

Brenda is 100% Committed to Saving our Members’ Money!


This member stopped by the Federal Way branch on Friday to refinance his auto loan in order to reduce his payments and save some money. While processing his application I saw he had other high rate loan and credit card balances, and knowing he was committed to saving money I mentioned the benefits of our two Visa Credit Cards. He said, “You’re right, but I do not want to do anymore work.” I told him I would take care of everything

Carol turns a member’s simple request into life-changing savings!


When this member called in and asked for her balances, I made sure she knew how awesome our Mobile Banking App is for account info. and all of the other features it offers. After we finished getting her set-up with online access, I asked if she had any credit cards with balances that might be good to do a balance transfer with 1% rebate to her Qualstar Visa credit card and she said, “Yes.” I let her know we may be able to save her some money

Taking care of man’s best friend turns into saving $1000 each month, thanks to Teresa!


This member’s original request was for a $2,000 loan, but his application was denied because of too much existing debt. After receiving that decision, he called back with questions and I was the one who spoke to him. After I answered his questions, and learned the original loan was to pay for his dog’s surgery, I checked on the value of his home and offered to see if an equity loan to consolidate his high rate debt would be a good solution. He liked that idea, so we got started on his equity loan application. When the approval came back, I noticed a full pre-paid appraisal report would be required. I knew he wouldn’t have the amount needed to pay for the report, so I quickly came up with another option to help take care of it. I created an additional application for a Personal Line of Credit, and noted the funds would be used to pay for the full appraisal report, pay off an existing auto loan with us, AND there would be enough left to pay for his dog’s surgery. When I submitted it for a decision, the application came back APPROVED! When I called him back to explain what we could do, he happily accepted the Personal Line of Credit deal to take care of those few expenses, which put him in a better situation to get an equity loan to pay off his other high rate debt.

The appraisal report came back a couple of weeks later, and the $100,000 Advantage Equity loan funded shortly after that. We were able to pay off another existing auto loan and paid off ALL of his (and his wife’s) unsecured credit card debt. We lowered their total monthly payments by over $1,000.00 and he will no longer be struggling to pay all of those individual credit card balances here & there. And most importantly, his dog is doing GREAT!

Matt’s Journey with This Member Ended with SAVINGS of OVER $20,000!


Back in May, this member came in to do a couple transactions and I saw she was pre-approved for a Gateway Line of Credit. Talking about it with her, it became apparent a Gateway was not what she needed so I started to give her information about our other loan options. We passed by credit cards, autos, personal loans, and we ended on home equity loans – Ivonne assisted me with giving the member all of the necessary information.