Member Saving Stories

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Of course she remembered Falana…and came back for MORE GREAT SERVICE!


I received an email from this member, asking me to contact her about an auto loan. I was happy she remembered I helped her back in 2017 and 2018, and I replied to thank her for thinking of me and let her know I am now in Federal Way. After we connected and got her pre-approved for a new car, I asked what’s new since so much time had passed since we last worked together. She mentioned she recently purchased a home and has a new job, and since we had just submitted an application for her auto loan, I asked if she had ever considered a home equity loan for debt consolidation and I made sure she knew there are no closing costs.

Catherine comes through for our members, especially when times are tough.


While running a Personal Line of Credit application for this member, I noticed he had additional loans and credit cards and thought we might be able to turn around his whole financial life! I called to let him know we could potentially refinance his auto at a better rate and also use the equity to consolidate his other outstanding balances. I shared the numbers with him, and he said it sounded like a great deal but he needed a few days to think on it. His debt was related to a recent divorce, so I knew I wanted to make sure we could get him into a better financial situation – he promised to call me back soon.

A new union account is set-up for financial success, thanks to Alejandra!


A member came in to our Renton branch with questions about how his new union account works. After explaining we are a full-service financial institution (not just a place for his vacation funds), I got him enrolled for Online Services and showed him how to use it to check balances, make transfers, deposit checks and more. I also ordered him a Visa Debit Card so he has easy access to his money.

This member’s journey to LESS DEBT is made possible by Travis!


This member called in looking to make sure he had overdraft protection on his account. While looking into what type of Courtesy Pay he currently had, I asked why he was looking into this. He said because of COVID, he was getting a limited amount of hours with his union and money had been tight the last couple months. I let him know if he felt like he needed something to fall back on, we offer personal lines of credit as well as personal loans so he doesn’t have to worry about overdraft fees.

Aileen showed this member the money…and put it back in his pocket!


I was helping this member with his RV application, and I told him we could refinance his auto loan at another credit union for a lower rate. He was definitely interested, so he gave me some information about his vehicle and said, “Show me numbers before I decide.” I ran some projections and was able to get his interest rate lowered from 5.79% to 2.99%. When I emailed him the numbers, he said he will pass since the payment didn’t change very much. I replied to remind him he also qualified for a 90 Day No Payment and his next reply was, “Call me!” When we spoke, he let me know he is trying to pay off another auto and if we do 90 Day No Payment on his refinanced loan, he will be able to pay that off before he starts paying us. I said, "I can make that happen!” and we even added our lower-cost GAP to the loan!

In addition to the auto refinance, we discussed consolidating some of his other high rate debts, specifically a personal loan. He was hesitant to get another loan because he was wanting to pay off the other credit union auto loan first. I explained how we could do one personal loan at a lower rate in order to combine BOTH of the other loans he wanted to pay off. We went over some more projections and he agreed it was a good idea, so we submitted the application to cover both loans and he was approved! His previous monthly payment for both loans was $945.00, and his new Qualstar loan payment is only $445.00 – a huge savings $500 a month! By combining his loans at a lower rate and extended term, he now has one lower payment instead of two and the convenience of having all his debt in one place!

Octavia gave this member a lower rate, great service, and a PLAN!


When this member came in to the Tacoma branch, I realized he only had a savings account and I offered to open a Simply Checking so he could have a Visa Debit Card. I also noticed he had been making regular payments on his Gateway Line of Credit for over a year, so I asked about upgrading him to our Visa Gold Card in order to lower his rate and give him more access. He agreed that would be great to help him save some money.

Mark left no stone uncovered to make sure this new union member had ALL the savings!


I reached out to one of our new union members, who set up his Online Services and had even done a check deposit using the Mobile Banking app. But, because he hadn’t yet upgraded his Vacation Fund account, the full deposit was not immediately available in his account. I confirmed he was eligible to upgrade to a Simply Checking, so he would have more access to his deposits and the ability to transfer funds to and from other bank and credit union accounts quickly and easily. When I explained all of this to him, he agreed upgrading his account was the way to go!

Randi makes sure this union member is set-up for benefits and savings!


The other day I helped a member who had been with the union for a while, but hadn’t been to the branch to access his account, and wanted to get more information about his Vacation Fund at Qualstar. We hadn’t yet received all of the information to fully complete his membership, so I told him about the benefits of being a member at Qualstar; such as, access to our Online Services with Mobile Check Deposit, a full selection of financial services, and so much more!