Member Saving Stories

Heaven turns a simple transaction into a lower mortgage rate for this member!


This past spring a member came in for a simple deposit and withdrawal transaction, and as I was processing his request we were talking about how he wanted to do some renovations to his home. I said, “Wow, that’s awesome! Do you rent or own your home?” He said, “I own it.” I then asked if he thought about refinancing his mortgage for lower payments and use the equity to get cash for renovations. The member hesitated and said, “No I haven’t, but I will go ahead and think about it.” So I gave him a Mortgage info. sheet as well as our rate sheet so he could look over the rates and benefits of a Qualstar mortgage loan. The member took both sheets and left.

I did not hear back from the member directly after that, so I thought he had forgotten about it. But come to find out he liked what he heard (and read) and applied for his mortgage refinance shortly after we spoke. We were able to lower his payments, provide the cash for renovations, and his interest rate went from 4.25% to 3.25%! All it took was a simple conversation to plant the seed and help this member accomplish his goals – that’s what we’re here for!

Rosalinda to the rescue (from high rate debt)!


I recently spoke with this member on the phone about debt consolidation when I noticed she was making payments to other creditors. I asked if she had received the information we recently sent to homeowners about using Equity Loans to consolidate high rate debt, and she didn’t remember if she had received it. Therefore, I told her about our Equity Loan options and asked if she might be looking for a way to reduce her monthly payments, especially with the pandemic happening. She let me know she was interested in consolidating her loans, especially the ones with high interest rates, but she was not interested in an Equity Loan due to just recently refinancing her home loan. I told her we could also do a personal loan to consolidate her debt, as low as 6.99% for the interest rate. She was very interested and we did the application right then and there over the phone!

Kelsey was a true advocate for this member, saving him over $5500!


I came across this member’s account while doing some account reviews. I noticed he has had his Gateway Line of Credit for quite some time, and I knew we could help him improve his financial situation. I called to let him know we could likely lower his interest rate and avoid monthly fees – he was very interested! We discussed the details and I let him know I would submit the application and call him back as soon as we had it approved.

That feeling you get when you help a member SAVE A LOT OF MONEY.


This member visits the Seattle branch regularly and I started working on his auto loan refinance back in 2018. At that time he said he couldn’t apply because he was working on improving his credit, but he promised to come see me as soon as he got to where he needs to be. From that point on, he would come in occasionally and update me on his progress; and I even offered some advice on what he could do to improve his credit. Fast-forward to a couple of weeks ago, when he walked into the branch and walked straight to my window. We did his transaction, and I told him I believe it’s time to look into refinancing that car. He asked me to call in couple weeks so we could talk about it. I put a reminder in my calendar, and when I called to see if we could start the application process he said, “You caught me at a good time, so let’s do it.” We did the refinance application over the phone, and I told him I’d call as soon as we received a decision back from lending. While processing his application, I noticed there were other loans we could help with…

Brenda is 100% Committed to Saving our Members’ Money!


This member stopped by the Federal Way branch on Friday to refinance his auto loan in order to reduce his payments and save some money. While processing his application I saw he had other high rate loan and credit card balances, and knowing he was committed to saving money I mentioned the benefits of our two Visa Credit Cards. He said, “You’re right, but I do not want to do anymore work.” I told him I would take care of everything

Carol turns a member’s simple request into life-changing savings!


When this member called in and asked for her balances, I made sure she knew how awesome our Mobile Banking App is for account info. and all of the other features it offers. After we finished getting her set-up with online access, I asked if she had any credit cards with balances that might be good to do a balance transfer with 1% rebate to her Qualstar Visa credit card and she said, “Yes.” I let her know we may be able to save her some money

This happy member has less high rate debt and more money each month, thanks to Alejandra!


I was assisting this member with her auto pre-approval request and we were discussing how her last kid was off to college, which was exciting but a bit sad because her kids are all grown up now. She showed me a picture of her beautiful family, and was telling me how happy her life was at the moment, but she bought a car she didn’t like and was hoping to trade it in for a better one. While reviewing her auto loan application, I noticed she had quite a bit of unsecured debt and she said she was hoping to get caught up soon but it would take her a while to pay it off. She owned her home, so I asked if she had ever considered doing an Equity loan to consolidate all her debt into one payment. She was not sure about using her home as collateral, so I told her about the benefits of getting an Equity loan.

We calculated all of her minimum payments, which came out to about $1,100 a month! I knew with an Equity loan she would most likely pay less than half of that each month, and her credit score would give her a good rate. We finished up her auto loan, which was approved right away, and I asked if she had any other questions. She said no, and she was going to go home and think about the equity loan so I gave her some literature to read. The very next day she came in and wanted to apply for the Equity loan! She said she didn’t really need a new car, and she would rather work on getting out of debt. She was so happy I suggested this option to her because she had never thought about improving her financial situation. We were able to give her a $45,000 Equity loan to pay off ALL her debt only pay $385 a month – that’s WAY less than half of what she was paying! She can now breathe easy, with peace of mind that all of that high rate debt has been taken care of and she has more money in her pockets.