Member Saving Stories

Ivonne turns a phone call into almost $6000 in savings per year!


When I called this member to make sure her account is working for her, I noticed she had opened a Gateway Line of Credit more than a year ago. I thought it would be a great idea to see if we could get her into a Qualstar Visa instead. As we were chatting, I noticed she already had a Visa, but it was on another account. That got us talking about what other kinds of debt she had. She explained she had two credit cards, each “with very high interest” and balances totaling almost $11,000! I told her I would love to see what we could do to help get rid of those high rates. We did an application and her credit was excellent— there was no need for her to be paying high interest on anything, so I offered to do a loan review for her. Her monthly payments were over $500 and that was making the minimum so her balances weren’t really going down.



This member and I have been working together for a long time. One day I was helping him with a transaction, and asked about any credit cards he might have. Turns out he had 18, most of which had been maxed out. This was in addition to a couple of other loans with balances – all totaling a little over $15,000…read more of Ivonne’s story here.

Ivonne knew this member didn't have time for high credit card rates!


A member came in inquiring about an auto loan that she had with us previously. As I was helping her, I noticed she had our Visa credit card so I asked if she currently had any cards elsewhere. She said that she had lots of balances on cards that I knew would be a higher rate than ours so I told her we could help consolidate her debt.