Member Saving Stories

Ivonne knew this member didn't have time for high credit card rates!


A member came in inquiring about an auto loan that she had with us previously. As I was helping her, I noticed she had our Visa credit card so I asked if she currently had any cards elsewhere. She said that she had lots of balances on cards that I knew would be a higher rate than ours so I told her we could help consolidate her debt.

New union, new truck, no more bus…thanks to Samantha!


One of our new Union employee members left a message to see if he could qualify for a Gateway Line of Credit since he had regular deposits coming into his account. So, I reached out to him and he said to call him back after work.

Nicolette Doesn’t Give Up When She Can SAVE OUR MEMBERS MONEY!

I originally called this member to talk to him about his pre-approval and what our current auto loan rates were. He said he appreciated the call but he was already paying 0% on his auto loan, a special offer through the manufacturer. We talked a bit more about auto loans and interest rates, and then I asked if he had any loans we might be able to save him money on. He said no initially but then I asked specifically about his house and what his mortgage rate was.