Visa +Rewards

Key Features

  1. $1 = 1 Point – redeem points for CASH & Gift Cards
  2. Receive additional savings with the Passport every day savings benefit provided at NO CHARGE (a value of up to $150/year, if purchased separately)
  3. DOUBLE POINTS on all card purchases the first 30 days
  4. Review and redeem rewards easily from within Home Banking
  5. Travel Accident, Trip Cancellation & Purchase Security Insurance
  6. Apply Now!

Our Visa Rewards Card pays you back with cash and gift certificates, just for using your card!

Enjoy the flexibility of shopping online, visiting your favorite retail stores, or getting cash rebates with your Qualstar Visa Rewards points. All with the convenience of tracking your points and redeeming your rewards via Home Banking!

AND, with each new card opened the first 30 days of purchases earn DOUBLE points (does not apply to balance transfers or cash advances.)

*Annual fee waived the first year, and then each year after with minimum purchase of $5000 Jan.-Dec.
*Low, variable rates

Compare our Rewards card to a traditional travel or airline rewards card…

Because our rewards are paid out in the form of cash or gift certificates, you actually have MORE FLEXIBILITY when it comes to using your rewards for travel. Simply redeem your points and use the cash or gift certificate for your travel needs – no blackout dates, limited usage, or waiting for travel certificates – but still the benefit of accumulating and using your points for travel!

Visa Rewards that make sense and are easy to redeem.

Our Visa Rewards Program gives you more options because it’s tailored specifically for Qualstar members. Rewards are not tied to specific companies or merchandise and there’s no need to visit special websites or make purchases at specific merchants to earn points. Simply use your Visa Rewards Card and watch the points add up. When you have enough points for the reward of your choice, just submit your redemption request via the Visa Rewards section in Home Banking. That’s all there is to it!

A Qualstar Visa +Rewards also comes with additional savings built-in!

Passport Savings Benefit
The Passport benefit provides immediate savings on anything from dry cleaning to fine dining to auto repairs to your daily cup of coffee! Simply use your Qualstar Visa +Rewards card to pay at participating merchants, and your savings are included in the bill!1 A Passport membership at this level, if purchased separately, is $150/year…with a Qualstar Visa +Rewards Card, it’s added at NO ADDITIONAL CHARGE!

1 The Passport Corporate benefit is applied to ALL Qualstar Visa Credit Cards at no cost to the member. A directory of participating merchants is available at Passport. The card number is required for registration to view the full website. Each discount is applied at the time of purchase simply by using the Qualstar Visa Credit Card to pay. Any requests or complaints regarding the participating merchants can be directed to Passport at 1-800-828-4604.