Become a Member We’re a Credit Union...and that means something!

You are eligible to join Qualstar1 if any of the following apply:

  • You live or work in Washington State.
  • You work for one of the many companies who offer Qualstar membership to their employees.
  • You work for one of the unions that have partnered with Qualstar.
  • You are related to someone who is already a Qualstar member, or who is eligible for membership (immediate family only).

Ready to become a Qualstar member? Let's get started!

If you are not a Union Vacation Fund member, please visit any of our branch locations to open your account. Or, if you prefer to start the process at home, you can print our membership application (for members under the age of 18 complete the Youth Account membership application), provide all of the requested information, sign it and bring it to any branch location; or mail it to us:

Qualstar Credit Union
Attn. Membership Dept.
PO Box 3050
Bothell, WA 98041-3050

If you are a current member of Qualstar…

If you’re already a member, but want to open a new account or certificate, you can send us a secure e-mail from within Home Banking with your account request. Of course, you can also call us or visit a Qualstar branch.

1 For security purposes, we do require an original complete and signed application in addition to a credit check with minimum score requirement for opening accounts. Accounts opened for children under 13 must have all information provided by a parent or guardian.